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TOCOBO Vita Pore Toner

TOCOBO Vita Pore Toner

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 Cruelty FREE & VEGAN certification

 Vita Berry Pore Toner: 50,000ppm of berry water contains wild strawberry extract rich in organic acids and anthocyanins to help care for dead skin cells and clear skin texture.

 Vitamin trees 84%: Vitamin content; apples 176 times, grapes 265 times | It provides rich nutrition to the skin for healthy elasticity and moisturizing care.

Alcohol-FREE; Cooling Pore Refreshing: If you want to revitalize tired skin on a hot summer day, the Tocobo Pore Toner is good for pore contraction and elasticity as it contains menthol and is absorbed into the skin coolly!
💙Nutrition filling for loose pores
💙Alcohol-Free Cooling and Pore Refreshing
💙Creating Moisturizing Film without Stickiness

How to Use

Choose the right way to use it for your skin.

💙Applying a toner
After washing your face, apply an appropriate amount on your hand and pat it to absorb it.

💙 Wiping a toner
At the first step after washing your face, put an appropriate amount on the cotton pad and gently wipe it along the skin texture to absorb it.

💙 Toner mask
Wet the toner on a cotton pad sufficiently and apply it to the t-zone and u-zone where pores are concerned and remove it lightly after 15 to 20 minutes.



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