About Us

Founded in 2020 by Christie, New Zealand based online K-Beauty store Jevy was created to share the love of beauty.

We support innovative and smaller scale independent Korean skincare and beauty brands, and focus on curating skincare products that are clean, gentle, and made to accommodate all skin types.

Our collection is made up of the latest in K-beauty trends from cleansers to toners, treatments to moisturizers, and sheet masks and sunscreens. And each order is carefully packed with the utmost care and love. 

"Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. I am a big believer in that skincare is an important part of self care, and it's never too late to care for and give your skin a little love!"  

We are constantly introducing new brands, writing new blogs, and offering exclusive deals, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye out for us in your inbox.

If you ever have any questions, need a little skincare advice, or want us to include your favourite brands in our collection, flick us an email at support@jevy.co.nz or fill out the form belowwe will always be happy to help and value your feedback! ♡



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