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TOCOBO Collagen Brightening Eye Gel Cream

TOCOBO Collagen Brightening Eye Gel Cream

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The Lavender Flower Water-infused eye cream offers a comprehensive solution to eye care.
Its tight net structure allows for active ingredients, such as AC Vegetable Collagen PF (1,000ppm), to deeply moisturize and vitalize the delicate eye area. The cream features only vegan and vegetable ingredients that are hypo-allergenic and less acidic, ensuring safety and efficacy.
With the help of D-Panthenol (75% 1,000ppm), the hydrating skin barrier of the tight net actively absorbs and holds moisture, preventing dryness and promoting overall skin health.
The formula also includes Retinol (Vitamin A), which helps rid the skin of wrinkles, while Quartz Water (1,000ppm) brightens the skin.
Finally, the eye cream comes with a relief massage technique designed to soothe the eye area, making it the perfect solution for anyone looking for perfect eye-lifting care.

Key Ingredients 
  • Lavender Flower Water 81% included
  • Quartz Water 1,000ppm for skin brightening
  • AC Vegetable Collagen PF 1,000ppm for skin lifting, moisturizing
  • D-Panthenol 75% 1,000ppm for calming, preventing moisture loss

    How to Use

    1. Cooling Eye Massage
    Spread it around your eyes (orbital bone), gently tap and massage until fully absorbed.

    2. Smile Line Wrinkle Care
    Tip! This cream can also be used on other areas like stubborn fine lines and wrinkles. Take an appropriate amount, and gently massage to get absorbed.

    3. Sleeping Night Care
    Apply a generous amount on the eye area as your last skincare step to revive tired under eye skin.

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