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Mary and May

Mary&May Niacinamide Panthenol Sun Cushion

Mary&May Niacinamide Panthenol Sun Cushion

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Why we love it:

Moisturizing sun cushion that provides soothing and brightening function
without White cast and stickiness
Complete UV protection from face to body quickly and easily with just one large Cushion.

Key points

💙 Hydrating power from the first application and provides a cooling, soothing and moisturizing effect with 2% panthenol
It contains 20,000ppm of panthenol, which has an excellent moisturizing effect that has been used as a burn treatment agent and helps to provide cooling and powerful moisture to exhausted skin

💙Containing 2% niacinamide to control oil and brighten skin tone
entertaining 20,000pm of niacinamide, which brightens the skin tone, blocks the melanin movement path to improve skin tone, controls excessive sebum to improve troubles, and strengthens the skin barrier
💙A large-sized sun cushion that can be applied both on the face and body
With a 25g capacity and a large cushion, you can conveniently apply it on the face and body

💙 Fresh and light finish without cloudiness
Intense hydration the moment it touches your skin, and it applies coolly without stickiness, and it remains dry without being sticky even after several re-applications

💙Natural tone-up effect
A daily sun cushion that not only brings a natural tone-up effect but does it gently and thinly adhere to the skin while giving hydrating moisture

💙Completed vegan certification, strictly cruelty-free, completed skin irritation test, banned the use of harmful ingredients to the marine eco-system

How to Use

Take a moderate amount with the included puff and apply an even layer to the entire face in tapping motions.


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