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KAINE Rosemary AHA Night Serum

KAINE Rosemary AHA Night Serum

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Pore Refinement · Smooth Skin Texture · Hydration

Experience a nightly transformation with our Rosemary AHA Night Serum. Enriched with Lactic Acid (9%) for effective exfoliation, Succinic Acid for blackhead reduction, and soothing Rosemary Leaf Extract, this serum unveils smoother, refined skin texture, making makeup application a breeze. Embrace the journey to a flawless, glass-like complexion.

How to use

Incorporate our Rosemary AHA Night Serum into your evening routine after cleansing and using a toner.

Shake the product for optimal blending, apply evenly, and start with once-a-week usage, gradually increasing to 2-3 times weekly as your skin adjusts. In the morning, cleanse with a gentle cleanser for a radiant, revitalized complexion. 


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