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ILLIYOON Ultra Repair Lotion

ILLIYOON Ultra Repair Lotion

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Ultra hydrating & repairing lotion that lasts 24 hours!

A highly moisturizing lotion with a high level of adherence. It keeps your skin hydrated and relaxed all day by increasing your skin’s water retention.

Skin Type

For dry and dehydrated skin
Recommended for those looking for a rich and compact texture that falls into a category between lotion and cream

Key Ingredients

A product that is rich in panthenol content (makes up 5% of the ingredients), which activates natural moisturizing factors, strengthens your skin barrier, and increases water retention of your skin.
It contains Pinus koraiensis seed oil effective in moisturizing and protecting your skin.
It contains madecassoside (cica) effective in soothing dry and sensitive skin.


💙It contains 5% of D-Panthenol Complex™

💙It builds up the skin barrier, preventing moisture within the body from evaporating

💙Thick and rich creamy texture creates a moisture barrier to protect sensitive skin


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