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ILLIYOON Ultra Repair Cream

ILLIYOON Ultra Repair Cream

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Ultra Hydration care for dehydrated skin.

High moisture absorption intensive care cream for rough and sensitive skin.
Thick, enriched cream formula builds a moisture barrier protecting sensitive skin.

Skin Type:
If you’re concerned about tight or rough skin caused by dryness.
If your skin feels itchy because of dryness.
If you want to moisturize and soothe sensitive skin.

High panthenol (5%) and Madecassoside repair the skin barrier to help lock in moisture.
Natural ingredients provide intense moisture to skin.


  • It contains 5% of D-Panthenol Complex™
  • It contains Madecassoside (Tiger Herb Extract)
  • It builds up the skin barrier, preventing moisture within the body from evaporating
  • Thick and rich creamy texture creates a moisture barrier to protect sensitive skin

Gentle formula:
Five chemical-free
Dermatologically tested


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