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House of Hur

House of Hur Weightless Sun Fluid

House of Hur Weightless Sun Fluid

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Weightless Sun Fluid is a creamy yet refreshing sunscreen. It contains a high concentration of Jeju yuja extract and pure New Zealand honey extract, providing effective benefits without burdening the skin.

Prolonged exposure to UV light can harm the skin, leading to wrinkles and fine lines and giving an aged appearance. Even minor sun exposure can accumulate and cause substantial damage over time. Therefore, using sunscreen daily is essential to protect your skin's health and maintain its youthful look.

Key points

Light and hydrating like air: This adaptable product features a fast-absorbing, superfluid texture, providing non-greasy, light hydration, suitable for both men and women.

No white-cast, no residue: This is a lightweight, non-whitening sunscreen, made with a formula that quickly absorbs and neutralizes UV rays in the skin.

Tested clinically for PFA & SPF: Tested clinically for Ultraviolet A (PFA) and ultraviolet B (SPF) Korea Institute of Dermatology *Temporary, individual differences may occur.


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