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Beauty of Joseon

Beauty of Joseon Green Plum Refreshing Toner AHA + BHA

Beauty of Joseon Green Plum Refreshing Toner AHA + BHA

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The natural rhythm of our skin involves a 28-day cycle of cell regeneration and exfoliation. If this process is hindered by dead skin cells clogging our pores, it can lead to inflammation and dull skin tone.

Why we love it

💙Gentle, lightweight toner to help sweep away residual dead skin cells and sebum that may linger post-cleansing

💙Non-irratating formula 

💙A light-weight formulation 

How to use

The beauty of Joseon Green Plum Refreshing Toner is ideally used in the first step of skin care in the morning and evening to wipe off residual impurities and smooth the skin texture.

After sufficiently dampening a cotton pad, gently wipe the skin from the inside to the outside to remove waste and prepare the skin to be well absorbed by the following skin care products.

Featured Ingredients

💙Green Plum is an ingredient that helps to remove dead skin cells and care for skin texture and creates synergy with mung bean extract, a skin soothing ingredient, and chemical exfoliating ingredients
💙This product contains 25% of plum water and 2% of mung bean extract, so plum water and mung bean extract
💙As a product containing AHA + BHA, it is formulated with 2% glycolic acid and 0.5% salicylic acid, so you can use it every morning and evening to remove dead skin cells without irritating your skin.

How to use

After washing your face in the morning and evening, soak a cotton pad and gently wipe it from the centre of the face to the outside of the skin, or take a small amount on the palm of your hand and lightly pat the skin to absorb


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