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Abib Yuja Essence

Abib Yuja Essence

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Why We Love It

A hypoallergenic vitalizing & anti-blemish facial essence. Moisturizing texture helps refreshingly hydrate skin. Formulated with 80% Yuja Extract rich in vitamins to improve dark spots & blemishes on the skin. Revitalizes & brightens dull skin tone. Infused with a fruity Yuja scent to boost the mood. Unveils a clearer more luminous & healthier-looking complexion.


💙Hypoallergenic essence that rejuvenates skin for a glowing radiance.

💙A watery essence that also can brighten up skin tone.

💙Contains Yuja and Yuja Peel Extract to nourish and moisturise skin.

How to use:

Pump for a proper amount, apply on the face evenly and pat gently for better absorption.


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