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Abib Collagen Gel Mask-2 Types

Abib Collagen Gel Mask-2 Types

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Packed with 10,005ppm of vegan collagen extract derived from fermented yeast, this hydrogel mask easily restores glow and elasticity in tired, lacklustre or aging skin.

💙The Jericho Rose Jelly version features additional ingredients of Jericho Rose Jelly extract and ceramide to up moisture levels, strengthen the skin barrier and slow down cellular aging.

💙The Sedum Jelly version comes with Jeju-sourced sedum jelly, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C on top of collagen to brighten and plump up the skin. Coming in a hydrogel construction, this face mask allows quick delivery of nutrients deep into the skin.

How To Use

Apply the embossed side to the skin for better adhesion.
💙 After washing and toning the face, remove the mask films on both sides.
💙Lay the product onto the face, starting centring on the mouth with the bottom half and then centring on the eyes with the top half.
💙 Peel off the mask after 20-30 minutes and gently pat the residue on the skin.

*This gel mask is made from solidified essence and has no supporters, therefore it may tear if pulled or in contact with sharp objects, such as fingernails.

35g x 1ea

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