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Make P:rem Safe me Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam

Make P:rem Safe me Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam

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NEW! No.1 Award-winning Gentle Cleanser

With over 2-million units sold, this low-pH cleansing foam is infused with hydrating and soothing extracts from raspberry, Marrubium vulgare plant, coconut, and Baobab fruit to help your skin maintain balance, while effectively removing makeup residue and impurities. 

Who will love this cleanser:

All skin types including sensitive skin
Those who are looking for a gentle foam cleanser with deep hydration

Key Ingredients:

- Marrubium vulgare extracta herbal extract to fight environmental aggressors such as ultra fine dust
- Raspberry extract & Baobab fruit extract - helps lock in the moisture and promote deep hydration
- Rosemary leaf oil - detoxifies, deeply cleanses your skin, and stimulates healing to leave your skin more refreshed than ever!
- Glycerin & Panthenol - Helps to hydrate the skin without irritation.


- Low irritant & ultra gentle on skin: This cleanser washes away gently leaving your skin feeling supple and refreshed, without any feelings of dryness or irritation.
- Mild acid foam with pH of 5.50: Your skin may get irritated and red if your skin balance is off. As the skin's pH level is acidic, it is recommended to use a weak acidic cleanser to balance your skin.
- Less than 20 ingredients: All of which are aimed at soothing dry, sensitive and irritated skin.
- 8-free formula: Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours, parabens, sulfates, animal products, alcohol, mineral oils, or silicone.
Rich microbubble texture: A rich and foamy texture you will love.

How to use?

Dispense an appropriate amount and fully lather. Gently cleanse your face in a massaging motion and wash off with lukewarm water.

5.07 fl. Oz. / 150ml

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