Houttuynia Cordata Extract 150ml


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A 100% pure Houttuynia Cordata Extract that helps calm trouble-prone skin. Houttuynia Cordata is a plant that is rich in quercitron, which is excellent for skin detoxification, and is rich in polyphenols, amino acids, and fatty acids. *One Thing products are all premium, natural plant source with the simplest ingredient list*♡

#Purifying #Calming #Anti-aging

·Skin detoxification effect
Removes toxins in blood vessels and has great effect on trouble-prone/ damaged skin.
·Calm skin irritation
Its anti-inflammatory benefit calms skin irritation & redness and also strengthen skin’s protective barrier.
Rich in polyphenols, amino acids, and fatty acids, which are great for antioxidants, and are effective in preventing skin aging.
·Promotes hair growth and healthy hair (wow!)
Use as a scalp care mist! Rich in Houttuynia Cordata Extract, which is great for hair growth and healthy hair.

How to use? 3-way!

(1) As a first step of skin care, pour the extract on a cotton pad to apply to concerned area, or pour into a mist container as a moisturizing spray.

(2) Mix with your favorite moisturizer with Mugwort Extract ( 5~10ml) for soothing benefit.

(3) Pour the extract into a cotton pad container, and apply it to the area (forehead, cheeks, chin, etc.) that requires direct care as a pack for 10 minutes.


ONE THING removes unnecessary costs and offers the only 100% ingredient needed for your skin. It is a 100% plant based product using only EWG grade 1 raw materials and does not use any chemical additives other than materials. ONE THING supports consumers’ right to know, and aims to help consumers to make reasonable consumption.

150 ml


Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Propanediol, 1,2-Hexanediol


One Thing

ONE THING, because there is just ONE star ingredient for each product. All products use only EWG grade-1 raw and plant based materials, with ZERO chemical additives.

100% certified Vegan products. #Less is More

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