Easy Morning Routine for Acne-prone Skin

Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated and include numerous steps. We have put together a simple morning routine! This routine will ensure your skin is clean, prepped, soothed, and protected in just four simple steps.


Morning Routine


There’s no better way to wake up your skin than a complete morning routine. Start your morning fresh, and cleanse your skin of any overnight impurities with a gentle, low irritating gel cleanser. The Cosrx low pH good morning gel cleanser is gentle, with a skin-friendly pH of 5 to cleanse your sensitive/acne-prone skin and keep it under control without stripping off moisture from your skin. It contains tea tree oil to soothe and treat breakouts & BHA to keep your pores in check and free from dead skin cells that are hiding in the walls of your pores.


Time to tone. The second step in your routine is using a toner to balance the skin’s pH and gently remove excess dead skin cells. Our favorite go-to toner pad right now is the Cosrx Original Clear Pad , an easy way to mildly exfoliate oily and acne prone skin.

This soft cotton pads are pre-soaked in essence to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum for clear, blemish-free skin. Contains BHA to penetrate deeply into the pores to help clear clogged pores and gently exfoliates dead skin cells, giving your skin its natural glow. Also formulated with Willow bark extract and tea tree leaf oil with great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to help reduce inflammation, and soothe irritation from acne.


The next step in your routine should be a moisturizer.  A moisturizer not only hydrates your skin, it also seals in moisture.  Moisturizers don’t have to be heavy creams that leave you feeling congested or over-hydrated.  Instead, there are some incredible formulations that provide healthy hydration without leaving you feeling oily.  You’ll want to follow this step with an SPF.

The Round Lab 1025 Dokdo Lotion is a fantastic choice. It is very lightweight, and deeply moisturizes your skin, leaving it supple and soft. Formulated with Panthenol, Centella Asiatica, and Chamomile extracts to calm irritated skin, and strengthen skin barrier for smooth and healthy skin. Plus! 3 kinds of Hyaluronic Acid will keep your skin hydrated all day long!


This is a step you should not miss! Everyone should be using sunscreen regardless of the season, weather, or time spent outside. Sunscreens are essential to prevent premature aging.

Hyggee Relief Sun Moisturizer is a soft, organic sunscreen with broad-spectrum protector as it has SPF 50+ to protect against UVB rays, and PA++++ against UVA rays. It glides on smoothly on your skin like a moisturizer with a refreshing finish. The anti-inflammatory properties from the key ingredient – 61.7% cypress water, helps soothe and calm irritated and acne-prone skin. This sun moisturizer completed the skin irritancy test and excludes 20 harmful ingredients and allergens for those with sensitive skin.

There you go! That’s your 4-step morning routine! You can always switch the products depending on your skin condition and according to the seasons. For example, I love to swap the Cosrx Original Clear Pad to other toners like the Primera Organience Water when my skin is more sensitive; or swap to the IOPE Pore Reset Mattifying Toner when my skin is oily. These 4-steps are simple, easy to follow, and cover almost everything your skin needs on a daily basis.

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