About Us

Hello Lovely, welcome to Jevy! ♡

We are a small New Zealand based K-beauty online store. We believe beauty products should be clean, gentle, and made to accommodate all skin types, which is why majority of our skincare/ beauty products are formulated based on sensitive skin. #cleanKbeauty #lessismore

When you shop here at Jevy, each product is thoughtfully curated, and each order is carefully packed by our small lovely team who share the same passion and love for all things skincare.

We are constantly introducing new brands (with a focus on innovative and smaller scale independent Korean skincare brands), writing new blogs, and offering exclusive deals so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye out on Jevy!

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If you ever have questions, need a little skincare advice, or want us to include your favorite brands in our collection, flick us an email at support@jevy.co.nz, we will always be happy to help and value your feedback! ♡

Christie ♡